Congratulations, Shriners!

Congratulations to the Kamloops Shrine Club, who held their annual fund raising dinner and dance this weekend.  What a successful event but the highlight was the opportunity we had as guests to tour inside the “Care Cruiser”.  This is one of the buses that this magnificent organization uses to transport children, free of charge to their treatment centers in far off cities.  These buses are outfitted with everything needed – including hospital bed and stretcher locks to accommodate a little patient’s needs.   When you see one of these buses on the road, think kindly of the Shriners who volunteer to make this program available enabling so many children a chance for recovery and support them when you can.

Great summer!

After a great summer of selling with overall Kamloops sales up 4%, I had a fantastic break driving the Oregon Coast.  If you get the chance, be sure to make that trip.  It is amazing and the Oregon campsites are deluxe!

Stats for for the past month are down overall so the prediction is that sales for 2012 will be either down a bit or flat.  We are still in recovery from the past few years, but with the economy in Kamloops, we can look forward to continued positive movement.

CMN Telethon a great success!

Thank you to everyone for all your support during the CMN telethon!  On the air alone, I was able to raise $3100 for the kid’s hospital….what a great feeling to know you can be of help to such a needed cause.  With the on-line donations, the total skyrocketed to just over $4100!  Thanks again for your support and if you still want to make a pledge, the on-line center is still available to you.


CMN Telethon Weekend

June 2nd is the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon and I will be heading to Vancouver to man the phones.  Call in to 604-333-5445 between 8-9:30pm and let’s “Make Miracles Happen”.  I will look forward to chatting with you and taking your pledge to help the kids.